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- This is my friends site, she has really great freebies!
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Outdoor Cap Company Product Testing Program

- For almost 40 years, Outdoor Cap Company has been driven by our strong and passionate commitment to our customers to create quality headwear. In our quest to continue this tradition and bring the latest technologies in performance headwear, we are seeking a broad variety of outdoor enthusiasts who will test our headwear and provide constructive and candid feedback. If you are serious about the outdoors and the gear that you need and would like to be a part of our testing program, please apply.

Free Kindness Cards

- "Taking the tool of human kindness one step further, we've introduced the "Kindness Card." This card enables you to present a tangible reminder of kindness to its recipient. The purpose of the card is not to elicit a reward or response but rather to be used in times of autonomy where the recipient can appreciate the act. The card draws emphasis to the actual Gift of Kindness provided and hopefully prompts the recipient to "pass it on" by way of providing a kind act to another."

Free 2018 Art Guide From Great American Art

- A custom design framework designed to help you shape and communicate your vision.
- Collaboration tools that make it simple to work with a professional designer.
- A designer curated gallery of artwork showcasing different types, styles, and ideas.
- A look under the design hood with insight into how art is used to create different kinds of spaces and different kinds of experiences.

Freebies from Mr Robot

- You can get Hoodies, Amazon Dots, Pop Vinyl Figures, Powerbanks, and more! Just create an account (E-Coin is a fictional part of the show) and confirm your email. They'll send a "perks" email a few times a week with a freebie. You'll just have to be quick, as they get claimed fast.
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