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Free Roasted Nuts Sample

- When you visit their site, you’ll see a popup for the sample. Enter your email and it will show the code 1FREETASTE.
- Then go to the top of their site and choose a product you would like to sample. When you hover over a product, it will say "Choose Options". Select one of those and then click on Sample when viewing the product. Then check out like normal and use the above code. Includes free shipping. (I chose Buffalo Cashew Crunch)

Possible In-Home Yogi Tea Taste Test (2 Boxes)

- We are seeking participants for an in-home taste test of new products. Participants in the test will be selected from across the country.
- The people who are selected and who complete the in-home taste test will be given two free boxes of Yogi tea! The products that we will send you to test are of course also free. We will ship several product samples to each participant to taste and evaluate.
- The products will be shipped and will arrive in time for you to taste the teas and complete the surveys between August 11 and August 21.
- The surveys should not take more than one hour of your time in total.
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